How to Eliminate 
Stress In 60 Seconds or Less

How to Eliminate 
Stress In 60 Seconds or Less

How to Eliminate  Stress In 60  Seconds or Less
How to Eliminate  Stress In 60  Seconds or Less
Wouldn’t it be great if there were an easy, simple and free method to eliminate stress that took less than a minute to see amazing results?

Well, there is, and that’s exactly what we are going to discuss below.

The problem with stress is that; it can not only affect every area of your life, it can literally kill you1.

Thousands of years ago we had stress, because while we were hunting for dinner, there were things that could be hunting us too.

We had the neighboring tribe that wanted to come steal our food and tools and the environment was pretty harsh as well without our modern houses.

Today we have a whole lot more to feel stressed out about than our ancestors ever did.

These days you have to worry about getting fired after working 20 years at the same place and having no job, but being too old for anyone to really want to hire.

We have terrorists, nuclear war, crazy leaders of countries, natural disasters and even driving.

Road crashes are the 9th leading cause of death at 1,300,000 deaths per year2. We’ve all had near misses while driving or maybe even been in a wreck or two ourselves.

When those things happen, they are very stressful.

Is Stress Avoidable?
Is Stress Avoidable?
It’s pretty difficult to avoid stress altogether. Even if you lived in the tropics on a deserted island there would be the stresses of finding food, water and shelter.

Once those were handled, the stress of being all alone would weigh heavily on most people.

So, no. It would be difficult to imagine a world without any stress at all.

Some Stress Is Actually Good for You

The fact is that a little of the right kind of stress is actually good for you and your body systems.

It can help in increasing cognitive function as you’re forced to think and reason outside of your normal parameters3.

The problem is; too much stress, or the wrong kind of stress is bad for us as we all know.
So, how can you manage stress quickly and effectively, so you can get back to accomplishing your goals for the day, week and year?

How to Relieve Stress Fast! 
You’ll love using this method as it relaxes you and you feel the stress melt away.
In fact, many people report back that just 1 minute of this therapy feels just as good and rejuvenating as if they were able to take a nice short nap.
Here’s What You Do
Find a nice spot where you can lay down flat on your stomach. Your bed will work perfectly. If You don’t have access to your bed, then you can lay on a couch or the floor.

Just make sure it’s comfortable for you.

It’s best if you have a place where you can totally relax without being disturbed.

Follow These Steps in Order
Follow These Steps in Order
Now that you’re ready to begin, perform each of the following in the order they are set below. 
1. Lay face down on your comfortable spot
Get your body alignment straight so that you’re not bent or twisted.
An easy way to do this is to line up your heels so they are both the same length away from your body and just kind of gently rock back and forth until everything falls into Its relaxed place.

2. You want your head and neck to be in the most comfortable position.
If for you, that is turning your head to the side, then do it that way.
For some, they like their head straight, so they prop a pillow under their chin and throat to support their head.

Whichever way is most comfortable for you is fine. 
3. Now slowly, but at a decent pace, breathe in as deeply as you can. 
Make sure that you’re filling your lungs with as much air as you can comfortably hold.

4. Next, with a nice slow even pace, exhale all that air until your lungs are as comfortably empty as possible.

5. Here is the key to it all.
While you are exhaling, relax every muscle and cell in your body and allow them to completely sink into the bed, couch, or floor. Allow them to release from anything holding them up. Relax and release any and all of your muscles holding any part of your body up, or in place.  

Coincide this relaxation with your breath, so that as you exhale deeper and deeper you relax more and more. Then, breathe in again in the same manner and exhale again this time, focusing on even letting go of your facial muscles, your fingers, your toes, your internal organs, and everything in between. 

As you breathe out, focus on relaxing and letting go of all tension, worry, stress, and muscle tension in your body as well. On this next breath, even focus on letting go of the muscles holding up your scalp.  

6. Keep doing this for between 30 and 60 seconds.
Relax deeper and deeper, letting go more and more with each breath.

7. Be careful when you stand up again as you may need to catch your balance again for a short time.

When you relax this deeply, you’re even more relaxed than when you’re sleeping. Because even when you’re sleeping, your body is always attempting to hold things in place.

Here, you’re letting all of that go.

There you Have It

You now have a technique that you can use to de-stress anywhere you can take 60 seconds for yourself.

Feeling Lost? Your POTENTIAL is within reach!
I greatly admire Victoria Gallagher’s approach to Personal Growth and Self-Hypnosis. She is extremely knowledgeable about metaphysical concepts and her brilliance clearly comes through in her Hypnosis products. She will help you seek the change you want in your life!

- Steve G. Jones
Certified Master Hypnotherapist 
Dear Victoria
My benefit for being a Personal growth club member is that now I meditate every day and I am more confident. I am using the breathe exercise every so often and is calm me down. My favorite breath exercise is the 4-7-8 exercise because the counting really help to concentrate and when I need to relax deep the Alpha level meditation help me to relax. I am keep listen that meditation over and over again. Thank you Victoria for this wonderfull program really changing my life.

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This will bring enormous benefits into your life as you shed that stress that 
can have such dire consequences if you let it build up.
This will bring enormous benefits into your life as you shed that stress that 
can have such dire consequences if you let it build up.
Now I'd love to invite you to discover some more ways to not only 'shed that stress' but also how you really can get everything you want out of life and more!

Wishing you a Success Filled Day, 
Thank You,
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