The 1 Minute Positive 
Affirmation Meditation Experience
The 1 Minute Positive Affirmation Meditation Experience
The 1 Minute Positive Affirmation Meditation Experience
The 1 Minute Positive Affirmation Meditation Experience
One of the unbreakable laws of the universe is: you get out what you put in.

There are many ways this shows up in your daily life such as;

You don’t get what you deserve.
You don’t get what you dream about.
You get what you stay awake and work for. 

Success Starts Here

Yes, you have to work for it, yes you have to put out the effort. All those things are true. 

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, if they do they are not being truthful with you.
However, success starts in your mind.  

You must develop your mind by constantly putting in positive and weeding out the negative.

Look at your mind like a garden where good seeds are positive seeds and bad seeds are negative seeds.

If the seeds you plant are bad. The fruit trees, vines and plants that grow from them will bare rotten putrid foods that will not nourish you and will only supply even worse seeds for future plantings.

If you plant good seeds, good fruit trees, vines and plants will grow up to nourish you. They will also provide even better seeds to grow new mental crops for future harvests.

Then, even as you plant your good seeds you must be ever mindful of weeds. You cannot let them take hold.

You must see them for what they are, pull them up by the roots and discard them into the trash.

Those weeds are the representation of negative thoughts as they start to grow amongst your positive thought garden, that is your mind.

YOU MUST plant new positive seeds every day so that you have a continuous harvest of good, clean pure thoughts that will bring about all you’ve ever dreamed of in your life.

Let’s Put in Some Positive Thoughts Right Now
Let’s Put in Some Positive Thoughts Right Now
Today we are going to do a positive affirmation exercise that can really set the course of your mind as surely as if it were a compass that only points towards positive.

Here’s How You Do It

Find a great space and get comfortable for a one-minute meditation session.

Choose one affirmation for this session and then start by taking a few seconds to clear your mind.

Repeat your affirmation aloud, speaking clearly and confidently with a smile.

Each time you say the affirmation, increase the level of your conviction.

Repeat the following:

I can achieve greatness.
I believe I can do everything.
I am my life's architect; I build the foundation and I choose its contents.

My ability to conquer my challenges is limitless; my potential to succeed is infinite.

My new life starts now - I am leaving my old habits behind and only adopting habits that will help me grow.

By hearing your own voice, your brain is interpreting the words as information. The more often that you hear something, the more you start to internalize it as a subconscious belief.

Now to really set your belief system into overdrive, go get everything you need to get started right here, right now: 

I wish you a Success Filled Day!
Thank You, 
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