1 Minute to Self Induced Hypnotic Achievement

1 Minute to Self Induced Hypnotic Achievement

1 Minute to Self Induced Hypnotic Achievement
1 Minute to Self Induced Hypnotic Achievement
We all have goals we want to achieve.
We have hopes, dreams and desires.
So, what is the best way to help yourself achieve them?
Goals Are Achieved First in Your Mind

It’s an absolute fact that you will only go in life as far as your mind can take you.

Think about that.

What does that tell you?
Think of it this way. 

Everything that you see around you in your world was first pure thought.

No, I’m not talking about trees, rocks and blades of grass.

I mean all the things that have ever been created by man.

Just look at something as innocuous as a light bulb. It’s something you likely use every day, in more than one room and in more than one way.

Think about that lightbulb. The glass, the filament, the metal, the shape. They were all first ideas, nothing more than pure thought.

Now Look at Your Life

Everything you are, everything you’ve ever done, and everything you’ll ever do, are, were or will be, was first, pure thought.

Just the fact that you’re considering what I’m telling you now means that you’re thinking.
Every action you take is a conscious or subconscious thought.

Then, if you want to improve your life, achieve your goals, and live your dreams, you must endeavor to improve your mind.

Any goal you’ve ever achieved was first your thought that you then put into action.

So then, ask yourself. What is one of the best, fastest and easiest ways to improve or expand your mind which then improves and expands your thoughts.

The answer is: hypnosis.

Hypnosis allows you to go straight into the mind by getting rid of everything else that’s in the way. It’s at that point where you can reprogram the mind to begin to think they way you want it to think.

How to Induce Self Hypnosis and Begin Reprogramming Your Mind
How to Induce Self Hypnosis and Begin Reprogramming Your Mind
This exercise allows you to reprogram your subconscious mind through repetition of a personal statement about what you intend to accomplish.

While you're in your trance, you will imagine yourself in the future where you've already achieved your goal.

Since seeing is believing in your mind, your brain will actually begin to believe you’ve accomplished this, and set about surrounding you with all the things you’d have if that were the case.

This then, makes what you’ve programmed come to pass and become your reality.

Your personal statement is what, or who you see yourself as being.

As an example: If you’re introverted and shy, you may want to have better social skills and more confidence.

Your personal statement could be something along the lines of; I am great at interacting with people, both they and I see me as being strong and confident. I feel secure, confident and at ease in public situations.

If your goal is to be wealthy you might have a personal statement that goes something like this; I am successful and wealthy, I live in my dream home and drive my dream car. I am confident about earning plenty of money, I make more than I’ll ever need.

Here’s How to Do It

Start with a quiet, comfortable place to relax, free of distractions and with your eyes closed.

Take a deep breath, relaxing your jaw on the exhale. On your next deep breath, relax and drop your shoulders on the exhale.

On the third deep breath, relax your stomach muscles on the exhale.

Keep breathing gently and deeply and slowly count backward from 10 to 1.

Repeat your personal statement ten times.

Open your eyes and enjoy your return to reality, secure in knowing that you are on your journey to achieving your goals and manifesting your desires.

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